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roofing sheets prices
What do I do with the extra money from a homeowners insurance check?

We have a leak in our roof. Insurance company sent an appraiser out to take a look. A week later they sent us a check for $12,000. A contractor I regularly use quoted me a price of $2,000 to do the repairs. I didn’t show him the quote sheet from the insurance company because I didn’t want him to know how much we received for the repairs, but I’m pretty confident he knows exactly what needs to be done to repair it correctly.

In the letter that has the estimate, it says I need to submit a receipt for the repair work done, but then I got the check shortly after the estimate arrived, so it seems as if they wouldn’t need a receipt now since they’ve already cut the check.

My question is, can my insurance company come back later and ask for extra money back in what they sent minus the actual repair cost? Or can I spend the extra money however I want?
The check is written to myself and the mortgage company.

Well, it seems that either they overpaid by accident, adding an extra zero, or that the check was for more than the roof repair – like inside water damage repair, as well.

If it was an error, they can come back to you for it. If not, you can do whatever you want, IF you can get it from your mortgage company.

See, you can’t cash that check yourself. You have to sign it, and send it in to the mortgage company, who will pay the contractor as the job is completed.

The insurance company just wants to verify that the work is done.

But you need to be really, really sure, that what your contractor does, is ALL the work the insurance company paid for. Because I bet it isn’t!

Roll forming machine for Roofing sheet (steped tile)

Stanley 21-399 6-Inch Surform Pocket Plane

Stanley 21-399 6-Inch Surform Pocket Plane


680-21-399 Features: -Ideal for end-grain work, sheetrocking and smoothing edges of laminates.-Fitted with a replaceable fine cut blade.-Cut Type: Fine.-Body Material: Die-Cast Alloy.-Type: Surform Plane.-Quantity: 4 per box.-Price is for 1 Each. Includes: -Includes thumb screw blade tension for quick blade replacement. Dimensions: -Width: 1 5/8 in.-Blade Length: 5 1/2 in.-Overall Length: 6 in….

Wuko 2202 Uni Bender

Wuko 2202 Uni Bender


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Monument 2161X Professional Power Plunger

Monument 2161X Professional Power Plunger


Monument Tools Ltd has more than 75 years of excellence as manufacturers and distributors of equipment for the plumbing, heating and drainage industries. Monument supply a broad range of products from standard plumbers’ tools to sophisticated specialist roofing and sheet metal tools to drain-clearing equipment. Monument Tools manufacture and distribute bestselling lines such as pipe cutters, tap r…

Preserving Washington History: 100 Years of Wagner Artistry

Preserving Washington History: 100 Years of Wagner Artistry


Since its earliest days, Washington, DC, has attracted architects, designers, builders, art collectors, entrepreneurs, and politicians from all over the world. They loved the excitement of the city and the chance to design and build something special in the capital city. These figures include Major Pierre Charles L’Enfant, who developed the plan for the city in 1791 for President George Washington…

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The Taste of Many Mountains


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